Li Ho, A practitioner of Chinese martial arts since the age of 12, Li Ho 文莉 is a senior Tai Chi instructor with TCUGB (Tai Chi Union for Great Britain). Born in a traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Art family whose father was a famous San Dan & Zi Ran Men Martial Artist. Li Ho, has received three years of intensive in house training from Tai Chi grandmaster Xiao Xiang in China's Hunan Province. She worked as the Tai Chi teaching assistant for grandmaster Xiao Xiang, teaching Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Form from when she was only 14 years old. She has extensive experience in Chinese martial arts in both hand and weapon forms. Li Ho has been teaching Tai Chi in Edinburgh since 2011. Since then, she has been working with different organizations to introduce Tai Chi & health Qigong throughout Scotland: teaching 24 Form Simplified Tai Chi, 42 Competition Tai Chi Hands and Sword Form. She also teaches Chen Style Tai Chi 8, 11, 18 & Lao Jia Yilu 74 Hands Form, Chen Style Tai Chi 49 Form Sword, Chen Style Tai Chi Sabre, and Spear & Fan Form. Qigong movements include: Qigong 18 Form, 5 Animals Qigong, 8 Brocade & Yi Jin Jing Shaolin Training Qigong.

Experience in the UK

  • Delivered Chinese New Year Tai Chi workshop in Perth High School, 2012–2015;
  • Delivered tai chi workshops for CISS and Ricefield Chinese Arts and Cultural Centre, February 2013;
  • Tai Chi group invited by the Scotland Chinese Culture Association to perform for the "Gold Autumn Festival Celebration" at St Andrew's Square, September 2013;
  • Invited by the General Consulate of China at Edinburgh to be Tai Chi leader for the Chinese Community group at the Edinburgh Festival Parade, July 2015;
  • Invited as the judge for the London International Tai Chi Competition, June 2016
  • Successfully hosted the first ever Chen Style Tai Chi 19th Lineage holde GM Chen Zhenglei visit in Edinburgh April 2017

Recent training

  • Training with Chen Style Tai Chi grandmaster Liming Yue (Tai Chi Centre U.K), 2014–2016;
  • with Chen Style Tai Chi grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang (19th lineage holder of Chen Style Tai Chi), November 2015;
  • with Chen Style Tai Chi master Chen Bing (20th lineage holder of Chen Style Tai Chi), May 2016;
  • with Chen Style Tai Chi master Chen Zi Qiang (20th lineage accessor of Chen Style Tai Chi), July 2016;
  • with headteacher of Wudang San Feng Tai Chi School master Yuan Limin, September 2016;
  • Training with Yang Style Tai Chi & Health Qigong master Faye Yip (Chairman of British Health Qigong Association & head teacher of Deyin Taiji Institute), July & November 2016.