New online teaching system is fully built up and it is available to sign up now. It is open to public and you can watch Grandmaster Liming Yue online or booking a face to face online private lesson with him. The official site is www.chenzhenglei.com/Edinburgh You may get 10% discount with coupon code: 028wenli

Please follow this link about seminars of Master Liming Yue around Europe: http://www.taichicentre.com/seminars.ph

Book your training with master Faye Yip in Edinburgh on 19th 20th Oct with Li: 07725568257.

LI HO is available for one-one or private group sessions with Tai Chi forms and Health Qigong Relaxation Exercises.

Weekly classes in Edinburgh:






SUNDAY Morning

10:00 -11:30

Chen Style Tai Chi For Beginners

 Yang style Tai chi 24 Form

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Instructor: Master Liming Yue 

Instructor:John & Li

Instructor: Master Limng Yue & Li 

Venue: The Crags EH8 9RY

Venue: TheCrags EH8 9RY

Venue: The Crags EH8 9RY

Please follow these links to join Li's classes with Adult Education City of Edinburgh:

https://www.joininedinburgh.org/activity/13061/ Chen Style Tai Chi 11 Form

https://www.joininedinburgh.org/activity/13063/ Yang Style Tai Chi 8 Form

LI HO has delivered many Tai Chi Workshops for Cultural, Educational and Charitable Organisations around Scotland.

We provide one or two hours workshops to your school or community groups with reasonable price and high quality of Chinese Martial Art (Tai Chi, Health Qigong & Shaolin Kung Fu).